Pro Cycling Team Coming to Talbot County

The Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycling Team will spend three days in Talbot County training and cycling as part of the launch of Talbot County’s new Bicycle trails and map during the third week in May.

Featured in the new map are six themed bicycle trails designed for cyclists sporting beginner to expert skills. The trails cover 180 miles of beautiful Talbot County roads with spectacular views of farmland, scenic landscapes and waterscapes, historical sites, and big sky vistas .

A week’s worth of activities are planned to celebrate the new bicycle trails with special guests and events, including a ribbon cutting, tours of two of the new routes led by the KBS Pro Team, an assembly for the Talbot County YMCA’s high school, middle school and elementary school children, as well as other planned receptions and dinners surrounding the launch. The KBS Pro Cycling Team, a third year UCI Professional squad launched their 2009 season Feb 26 in San Antonio, and is one of the top professional teams, already racking up wins this 2009 season in North America, South America and Asia.

The team will be traveling to Talbot County for the bicycle trail launch directly after competing in two National Race Calendar events, the Wilmington Grand Prix hosted in Wilmington, DE and the KELLY Cup in Baltimore, MD.

For more information on the launch activities and the Talbot County Bicycle Map, visit or call 410-770-8000 or to learn more about the Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycling team.