QAC Residents Urged To Lock Vehicles

“Sheriff R. Gery Hofmann is urging citizens of Queen Anne’s County to lock their vehicles. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating “”numerous incidents of thefts from vehicles while parked at residences,”” stated Hofmann. “”We are asking the citizens for their help to make thefts from vehicle more difficult to commit. In addition to the most recent theft occurring on Kehm Road, Queenstown four additional reports have been received occurring October 3rd and 4th.

In the case on Windsor Road, Mr. Loretangeli was fishing behind his residence when he found documents floating in the water that were from his truck. Upon looking further he discovered that a leather luggage bag, a set of headphones and a flight kit with manuals had also been thrown into the water. Missing was a small maglight. Damaged items were valued at $750 and the missing light at $15.

The following morning, Mr. Wilde reported that he was missing a silver Verizon cell phone and his wallet. The phone was later located in a nearby ditch by a neighbor still in working order and that one of the cards in the wallet was used at a nearby convenience store. The loss was placed at $25.00

Also that morning, Ms. Leaken reported that an EZ Pass, Bag with Bills & Documents, a green Verizon phone was missing from two vehicles parked at her residence in Stevensville. The loss was estimated at over $350.00.

On the same morning, Mr. Dragovich called and reported that his vehicle while parked at his home on Long Point had been gone thru and a leather day planner and checks were missing. He also advised that several other neighbors had found their vehicles to be missing items and doors left open. After walking the street, several items including a book bag, Compact Discs, a cell phone and gift certificates had been located. At least five vehicles in the area had been rummaged through.

Persons with Information about this incidents are requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Contact can be made in several ways by calling (410) 758 0770 and asking to speak with a Deputy, calling (410) 758-6666 and leaving a message on the answering machine or emailing”