Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency ServicesOffice of the Fire Marshal announces Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program

Chief George Eber, the Queen Anne’s County Fire Marshal, in association with Lance Richardson, the Queen Anne’s County States Attorney, announce a joint effort to introduce a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program. The purpose of the program is to provide an alternative to punishment or incarceration of juveniles exhibiting pre-arson behavioral tendencies.

The program is an educational course designed by doctors and taught by technical professionals. The course includes lectures, videos, and written assignments, as well as mentoring by fire service professionals. During the program, a contractual agreement is executed between the juvenile, the parents, and the Office of the Fire Marshal. The juvenile involved in the program is expected to complete the course in lieu of any type of punishment for a first time offense.

The program is designed to provide a significant impact on the juvenile to prevent further occurrences of fire setting behavior. The program was first introduced and used in Annapolis, Maryland and has subsequently been used in several jurisdictions throughout the state. There are no additional costs associated with implementing the program.

“This adds another tool to our toolbox in our effort to prevent arson through education” said Chief Eber. “The success of the program has already been proven”.

For further information, contact the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Fire Marshal, or the Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Office.