Queen Anne’s County Government Working To Cut Costs

In these challenging economic times local governments seek ways to cut costs on a daily basis, while still providing services to the community. Like families and businesses in the region, Queen Anne’s County government employees are finding ways to save money on day to day operation of their offices and in setting short and long term goals for future savings.

Queen Anne’s County department heads are encouraging their staff to improve efficiency by turning off lights and computers, printing two sided documents and producing brochures and literature in-house or seeking out opportunities for free printing. Supply orders are being consolidated and when possible, supplies are being ordered in bulk. Offices continue to save paper and energy by using e-mail correspondence, recycling paper and other office supplies and continually monitoring thermostats to keep energy costs down.

All county owned and operated vehicles are being properly tuned and tire pressure is maintained for maximum fuel efficiency. Full size trucks are being replaced with compact trucks and hybrid and ultra low emissions vehicles, ULEV, are being reviewed for purchase through the county’s Sustainable Community Council. Fuel is bought in bulk; carpooling is encouraged in all departments and several offices post monthly fuel usage charts to create even more awareness of fuel consumption. When possible administrative and clerical staff have cut back their work week to four days.

State, federal and private grants are being sought even more aggressively by departments which use those funds to support operations. Departments using volunteers on a regular basis are continuing to solicit for support in order to continue to provide services, while partnerships with non-profit and volunteer groups are being
strengthened and developed.

Departments are encouraged to reduce budget costs through attrition, internal transfers and reduction of hours when possible. A Position Review Panel has been established to review all requests for replacement for those positions left vacant or abolished.

Promotion of services has increased within each department in order to generate more awareness. Departments which have their own web page in addition to www.qac.org have created links to state and federal agencies and resources for those who may need assistance beyond the scope of local agencies.