Rabies Pre-Exposure Clinic

In the interest of all Queen Anne’s County residents, the Queen Anne’s County Department of Health will be conducting Rabies Pre-Exposure immunization by appointment from August 31, 2009, to September 4, 2009.

All people whose work or hobby brings them into close contact with potentially rabid animals are urged to receive this valuable protection of three doses of vaccine given over a period of one month. If you have previously been immunized, a blood test is recommended every other year to determine if you are still protected or not.

Rabies is a deadly disease that attacks the nervous system. It is transmitted through the saliva of rabid animals, usually by a bite or scratch. Wildlife such as bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, ground hogs, cats, dogs, livestock and any other mammal can transmit rabies. There is no cure once you are infected with the virus.

All hunters, trappers, wildlife workers, animal control personnel, veterinarians and their staff and animal handlers are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated. Please contact Karey Minor McCauley, R.N. at the Queen Anne’s County Department of Health, 410-758-0720 EXT. 4432 for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.