Raoul Middleman and Kevin Fitzgerald Team Up for Portrait Demo during Plein Air–Easton!

When is a renowned painter not an artist? When he’s a model, of course!


Kevin Fitzgerald is a nationally‑recognized tonalist whose dedicated collectors span the globe. Fitzgerald took classes from Middleman at the Maryland Institute of Art and attributes his perseverance as an artist to Middleman and his teachings.


These two passionate and dynamic artists come together for one of the highlights of the 4th Annual Plein Air–Easton! Competition & Arts Festival. Don’t miss “Plein Air Master Extraordinaire: Raoul Middleman,” a unique painting demonstration, in which Middleman paints a portrait of Fitzgerald. It takes place at Troika Gallery on July 26 from 3-5 p.m.

“Kevin has great respect for Raoul and is extremely excited about having his mentor paint his portrait,” says Laura Era, owner of Troika Gallery.

Troika Gallery is located at 9 S. Harrison St. in downtown Easton. For more information, call 410.770.9190 or visit www.troikagallery.com.