Recycling Guide In Verizon Phone Book

Remember to flatten all cardboard before recycling and take a moment to rinse all bottles, jars and aluminum cans before heading out to the nearby recycling center. Need more information? It’s all there in the newest phone book.

Queen Anne’s County and the Midshore Regional Recycling Program have collaborated with the publishers of Verizon Yellow Pages to include information about recycling in the latest edition of the phone book. The 2008-2009 phone books are currently being delivered to both business and residential customers. The Recycling Guide can be found on the last page of the phone book. It is full of information ranging from what materials can and cannot be recycled to contact information and locations for recycling sites across the Midshore. The guide also gives information about how to process those recyclables before taking them to the nearest site.

For more information check out the program’s website, Send any inquiries The Midshore Regional Recycling Program includes Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot counties.