Safe Homes Pledge Sign Up

What does it mean to have a “Safe Home” in Talbot County? It means that you have pledged to supervise all teen gatherings and prohibit underage alcohol, tobacco and drug use in your home. Talbot Partnership recently sent out Safe Homes Pledges to parents of students in 6th through 12th grades. By signing the pledge, parents make a clear statement to their teens regarding expectations and rules for their conduct in their home, as well as in the homes of their friends. Each year, more than 500 families with teens in schools in Talbot County use the Safe Homes Directory to connect to other families to help keep their teens drug free at home, as well as away from home.

Talbot Partnership suggests the following additional tips for parents of teens to stay diligent in their efforts to keep their teens drug free:
¨ Get to know your teen’s friends and their families. When your teen goes out, know who, what, when, and where.
¨ Call other parents when teens make plans and confirm adults will be present. Offer to help chaperone a teen party – parents will welcome the support.
¨ If you are away from home for the evening or overnight, tell your teen’s friends’ parents, neighbors or police to watch your home.
¨ Monitor changes in your teen’s friends and behavior.
¨ If you suspect drug use among your teen’s friends, call the parents to inquire if they are observing similar behaviors.
¨ If you suspect your teen is using drugs, call TurnAround at 410-819-5900 – free, confidential drug screening and assessment for adolescents.
¨ Encourage other parents to become Safe Homes parents.

Sponsors of the Safe Homes program are Talbot Partnership, Talbot County Public Schools, Sts. Peter & Paul, and the Talbot County Health Department.

For further information or to become a Safe Homes parent, contact Talbot Partnership or call 410-819-8067.