Serious Assault in Sudlersville

Dfc. Jeremy Davidson was dispatched to the Chester River Hospital for a reported serious assault occurring in Queen Anne’s County. Davidson learned that the assault had taken place at a residence at 6228 Sudlersville Road, Sudlersville, MD. and that the victim was identified as Juan Ramos Perez age 22.

Thru an interpreter, Perez reported that he had answered the door and an unknown Latino male was asking to see a person there. Perez stated he told the male that no one lived there by that name. The male called him a liar and at that time several other males came towards him and he began to be struck with a metal pipe. Another person residing at the residence heard Perez screaming and found him alone on the walkway with head injuries. He was taken by the roommate to the hospital.

Perez remains in the ICU Unit at the hospital with head injuries.

At this time no suspect information is available and no motive has been identified.

Persons with Information about this incident are requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Contact can be made in several ways by calling (410) 758 0770 and asking to speak with Detective Shane Russell, calling (410) 758-6666 and leaving a message on the answering machine or emailing