Sheriff Hofmann finishes FBI NA Training


QUANTICO, Va. Queen Anne’s County Sheriff R.G. Hofmann has had a very busy 2009 thus far, recently completing 10 weeks of training in Quantico, Va.

On March 20, Hofmann graduated with a class of 255 law enforcement officers from 48 states, 25 countries, and four military organizations. It was the 236th Session of the FBI National Academy Program. The program included advanced investigative techniques, management, and fitness training for selected officers.

Hofmann is the first law enforcement officer from Queen Anne’s County to complete the program. He was one of only three sheriffs to be selected for the training. Training was provided by FBI Academy instructional staff, special agents, and other staff holding advanced degrees of expertise.

A total of 42,459 graduates have completed the training since it was initiated in 1935. Of that number, 24,947 are still active in law enforcement work.

Beginning Jan. 11, during the weekdays, Hofmann lived in barracks in Quantico, sharing a dorm-style room with three other police commanders. Each weekend he returned to Queen Anne’s County to tackle the duties of his elected office. Every evening while at the academy, he stayed in touch with Queen Anne’s command staff and citizens, keeping abreast of news and issues in the county.

“”I expected this would be a very challenging experience, but being away from my family and community was very difficult,”” Hofmann said. “”The command staff did an outstanding job, keeping everything running very smoothly. They kept me updated, and I’m very proud of them.””

Hofmann said the intensive physical training was the most difficult part of the program.

Along with the up-to-date training, networking among the many law enforcement agencies that have completed the National Academy program puts law enforcement on the same page, where resources can be pooled, which Hofmann saw as a tremendous benefit for Queen Anne’s County.

“”Criminal activity is no longer confined to jurisdictional boundaries. With the Internet, transportation and threats against our great nation, law enforcement must communicate globally to ensure we are protected here in our own community. We must share information, work together, and know where to look for guidance. The FBI National Academy provided schooling, contacts, and global partnerships that will allow your sheriff’s office to better serve and protect our community members,”” he said.

By DOUG BISHOP Staff Writer Copyright © 2009 – The Star-Democrat”