Shore Health System Presents Awards to Rehab Team Members

Shore Health System’s Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care team held its first annual recognition awards celebration to honor staff members chosen for their exceptional efforts and contributions.

Employees from Comprehensive Rehabilitation Care facilities in Easton, Cambridge, Centreville and Denton were asked to nominate up to two people in each of the following award categories: Energizer Award for a consistent positive, enthusiastic attitude that energizes others; Extra Mile Service Award for consistently exceeding the expectations of patients and their families, co-workers, and others served by the department; Rookie of the Year for the newest staff member who has made the greatest positive impact on the department; Rock-Solid Reliability Award for the veteran staff member (minimum of five years) who has consistently demonstrated strong commitment through performance, attendance and a positive attitude; and Weekend Warrior Award for the staff member who worked the greatest number of weekends and holidays during 2008.

The award winners, who were selected by their peers, were Darlene Haynes, outpatient assistant for Shore Rehabilitation Services at Easton, who earned the Energizer Award; Maggie Buss, PT, a physical therapist at The Memorial Hospital at Easton, the Extra-Mile Service Award; Pam Johnson, outpatient assistant for Shore Rehabilitation Services at Denton, Rookie of the Year; and Pat Elburn, rehabilitation aide at Memorial Hospital, Rock-Solid Reliability Award.

Two employees were so close in total weekend and holiday hours worked in 2008 that Weekend Warrior awards were given to Sandy Kuneman, rehabilitation aide at Dorchester General Hospital, and Skip Jenkins, rehabilitation aide at Memorial Hospital.

Each award winner received a $25 gift card, an award certificate and breakfast with the Shore Rehabilitation management team.