Sleep Center Accepts Gift from DGH Foundation

The grand opening celebration of the Sleep Center at Dorchester General Hospital was made even more festive when Dorchester General Hospital Foundation President Ida Jane Baker presented a gift of $48,000 to Gerard Walsh, chief operating officer for Shore Health System.

The Foundation’s donation contributed to the cost of adding two private sleep study rooms at Dorchester General Hospital. The opening of the DGH Sleep Center was part of a technological upgrade and expansion of services offered by the Shore Health System Regional Sleep Disorders Center. The Sleep Centers at Dorchester General Hospital and at The Memorial Hospital at Easton are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The DGH Foundation has a long history of supporting the hospital and its mission of providing state of the art medical care for people across the Mid-Shore region. “On behalf of the Foundation, I want to thank everyone who made a donation to the annual appeal that funded this gift for the Sleep Center,” Baker says. “Every year we set a goal to support a hospital service that addresses an important healthcare need in our community. With so many people suffering from the health effects of sleep disorders, we knew that this new center would be of great value for our friends and neighbors. ”