Stop Paying Too Much In Property Taxes

Indicators You May be Paying Too Much In Property Taxes

· Your assessed home value is higher than the sales price of comparable homes in your neighborhood.

· There are many homes in your neighborhood for sale or have been foreclosed.

· Your home was assessed in 2006 or 2007 – during a boom real estate market.

Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

Petition available online: .  Or, call the State Assessment Office at 888-246-5941.  Or, contact Senator E.J. Pipkin at or 410-841-3639.

Appeal your assessment only if your home’s value is inflated, a petition for review could result in an increase.  You must petition to appeal before January 1st.

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Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

Monday, December 1st
7pm, Kent Island Library

Thursday, December 4th
7pm, Kent County Visitor Center

Monday, December 8th
7pm, Elkton Central Library

Wednesday, December 10th
6pm, Central Library in Denton

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