Sutton Death Investigation

“Investigation following the discovery of the body of William Sutton at St. Luke’s Church early Saturday morning has resulted in the arrest of Jessica L. Cuddy (30) of Joppa, MD.

The investigation, led by D/Cpl. Bruce Layton of the Sheriff’s Office learned that Cuddy was at a family residence located in “”Recovery”” near Centreville and was partying with Sutton and provided him with heroin on which he overdosed. When Sutton’s breathing stopped, Cuddy instead of calling medical assistance loaded Sutton into the bed of a truck and drove about five miles to St. Luke’s, where she then left the body covered in a blue blanket. After leaving the body, Cuddy then drove to the truck stop just outside Centreville and called 911 reporting that she had seen a man left at the church who appeared to be overdosed or drunk. She provided the dispatcher with a fake name and then disconnected the call.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Queenstown and located Sutton who was deceased by that time. The Criminal Investigation unit was notified and responded to the location as well as to the truck stop.

Investigation soon identified Cuddy as the caller and efforts where made to locate her. On Wednesday 9/9/09 Cuddy responded to the Sheriff’s Office and gave her account of the incident and afterward was placed under arrest and charged with Manslaughter, Reckless Endangerment and CDS Charges. After an Initial Appearance before a District Court Commissioner who held her on a $100,000 Bond, Cuddy was transported to the QA County Detention Center.”