Talbot County Foster Parent of the Year

Kindel and Richard Kimball of Easton have been named the Talbot County Foster Care Parents of the Year by the Maryland Department of Human Resources. The Kimballs are currently caring for a young child.

The Kimballs agree that it’s very important in this day and age to provide nurturing to a child. “We’ve taken her into her hearts from the moment we’ve had her,” Kindel said.

Richard adds, “The most rewarding thing is watching her grow.”

The Kimballs have always wanted to adopt a child. While they wait, they take care of other children. Kindel comments about her current foster care placement, “She still has a mom and a dad, but we can help her right now.”

The couple enjoys recording the child’s growth and seeing the new things she is learning. According to Becky Skinner, Talbot County Department of Social Services caseworker, the Kimballs are very flexible and always willing to communicate with the foster child’s biological parents. Skinner adds, “They’re always very thoughtful, like communicating with the parents by sending pictures and notes in the diaper bag. They have a very positive attitude.”

The Kimballs have also participated in respite care. One child stayed with them for three months and another visits on a regular basis. The Kimballs agree that the training and support from the Talbot County Department of Social Services has been very helpful. Kindel comments, “The Department supplies a social worker for the child and a social worker for the parent. Questions are always answered. We’ve had a really positive experience.” She adds, “I don’t know that foster care is for everybody, but if you have room and you like to work with children, it’s a civic duty that provides a good way to pay the community back.”