Talbot County Health Department Urges Mammography Screening

The Talbot County Health Department is urging women to get mammography screenings. Since the program began in 1985, mammography rates have more than doubled for women aged 50 and older and breast cancer deaths have declined.

This is exciting progress, but there are still women who do not take advantage of early detection at all and others who do not get screening mammograms and clinical breast exams at regular intervals.

If all women age 40 and older took advantage of early detection methods – mammography plus clinical breast exam – breast cancer death rates would drop much further. The key to mammography screening is that it be done routinely – once is not enough.

If you are between the ages of 40 and 64, and do not have a health care plan that covers clinical breast exams and mammograms, call the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) at your local health department. Talbot County residents should call the Talbot County Health Department at 410-819-5600, to see if you qualify for free breast and cervical cancer screening.