Talbot Hospice House Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Ten years have passed since Talbot Hospice House opened their doors on Cynwood Drive in Easton.  This lovely residence has served over 400 patients in the Guest Wing since opening July 1, 1998. Staying true to the original mission of offering ‘hope, compassionate support, and services to all members of the community facing end-of-life issues’  Talbot Hospice continues to be a  premier, committed and respected home  for celebrating life.

Initiated in the Talbot County Health Department and incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit, Talbot Hospice Foundation developed an agenda to address those with a terminal diagnosis. The initial objective sought to “respond with compassion to the emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs of the terminally ill person and others affected by the loss of life”.

In 1994 Talbot Hospice moved from the Health Department to an office on South Street. With a tremendously positive community response, the proposal of constructing a Hospice House was initiated. In 1997 this vision became a reality as funds were raised, land was purchased and construction started.

Today Talbot Hospice works together in a medical partnership with Shore Home Care Hospice.  With a 28 year history, Talbot Hospice is highly respected within the community as they continue to provide compassionate and supportive care to those concerned with   end-of-life challenges.