Talbot Mentors Holds Outrageous Olympics

To get students into the Summer Olympics spirit, Talbot Mentors recently invited kids and their mentors to participate in an afternoon of Outrageous Olympics games. Held at Idlewild Park in Easton, instead of the 400-Meter Relay and Javelin Toss, the mentor/mentee teams competed in games that will not be featured in Beijing, such as the Jelly Bean Relay and Water Balloon Toss.


In the Fishing Frenzy event, Denise Johansen and her mentee, Cly’Deisha Murray, Davey Arledge and his mentor, Jack Cook, and Chris Wyles and his mentee, Luke Hartley, vied to see who could hook the most paper fish.


Everyone was a winner in this fun competition, one of many activities held by Talbot Mentors throughout the year to support the matches made between adult volunteers and local children.


For more information, to make a contribution, or to volunteer as a mentor, call Talbot Mentors at 410-770-5999 or visit www.talbotmentors.org.