Talbot Partnership Honors 2009 Award Recipients

The Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention recently hosted its 2009 Annual Awards Reception at MEBA Engineering School in Easton, MD. Seven awards were presented to recognize both individual and organizational contributions toward raising safe and healthy youth. Award recipients for 2009 were Blenda Armistead, Chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission and member of the Blue Ribbon Commission Oversight Committee; Hugh Dawkins, Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Oversight Committee; the YMCA of Talbot County; and Nikki Swann, student volunteer. High school graduates Jordan Fairbanks, Joseph Luby, and Jeremy Winter also received Talbot Partnership’s Youth Scholarship Awards.

Blenda Armistead was honored for her work as Chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission and for serving as a member Blue Ribbon Commission Oversight Committee. During her service as the County Manager, as well as her service on many other community related projects and boards, Armistead has been a champion for youth and efforts to prevent substance abuse and has used her experience and contacts to further these causes.

Hugh Dawkins was honored as chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) Oversight Committee where he has worked diligently not only as chairman, but in taking an active role in the implementation of the BRC strategies and keeping the community informed of the work that is being done.

The YMCA of Talbot County was recognized for its continuing commitment to build a safer and healthier community. With Christian Principles as their foundation, the YMCA’s mission is to foster opportunities for individuals, families, and community that strengthen healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. In late 2008, the YMCA embarked on a Capital Campaign to build a 10,000 sq. ft. Teen and Family Center that will be the hub for asset development in our community. This expansion enables the YMCA to increase dramatically the positive influence on kids, as well as adults and families.

Talbot Partnership’s Youth Award was presented to Nicki Swann of Cordova. Nicki has been involved with Talbot Partnership activities and outreach programs for a number of years, organizing smoking prevention programs for youth, providing smoking compliance checks throughout Talbot County, helping organize Talbot Partnership’s Youth Coalition and providing leadership and representation in many other areas of substance abuse prevention.

Talbot Partnership’s 2009 Youth Scholarship awards were presented to Jordan Fairbanks of St. Michaels High School, Joseph Luby of Easton High School, and Jeremy Winter of Gunston Day School. These scholarship awards were awarded to graduating seniors who submitted brief essays thoughtfully considering the high rates of underage alcohol and drug abuse in Talbot County.