Talbot Partnership Hosts Youth Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Training

Talbot Partnership is organizing two training programs for Talbot County youth interested in participating in a Youth Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention. Adults interested in the program are also encouraged to attend.

The coalition will be based on a youth-to-youth leadership model in which teens play the key roles in the program, agenda, activities and decisions. The program focuses on issues that teens are most likely to face: alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, sexuality, suicide, etc. The program stresses the development of leadership and includes a clear NO tobacco, alcohol, or any other drug at any time policy. The initial training programs are as follows:

April 8, @ 5:30 PM in the “Chesapeake Room” at the Talbot Community Center on Rt. 50. Queen Anne’s Prevention Coordinator and Youth Coalition leader Kathy Wright will bring some of their youth leaders to Easton to make a presentation to our steering committee and interested youth leaders on their youth programs, structure and activities. They will then be available to answer questions.

May 28 @ 6:00 PM A trainer from Youth-to-Youth International will come to Easton and give our youth leaders a seminar on how to get started. The location for this training will be announced.

For further information, contact Gary Pearce at Talbot Partnership, 410-819-8067 or gpearce@talbotpartnership.org.