Teen Saves Dad When Dad Blackouts While Driving

Paul Roberts says his son Cory, 14, saved his life on April 2. Cory took the wheel of the truck after his father blacked out while driving east on Route 50 in the vicinity of Route 404 and prevented it from being wrecked or hit by another vehicle. Roberts had just gotten off work from his job with the Queen Anne’s County Department of Parks and Recreation, and the father and son were headed home to Cordova, munching on corn chips and talking. Paul suddenly choked, could not catch his breath and blacked out. The Ford F-250 rolled off the eastbound lanes, across the median strip and into the westbound lanes. Cory grabbed the wheel and managed to guide the truck safely back onto the median from the westbound lanes. The truck then glided safely to a stop after traveling about 200 feet down the median. It was all over in a couple of seconds, and Paul regained consciousness