Telephone Poles Damaged

Following several reports of telephone service problems, Verizon Telephone service personnel responded to the Spaniard’s Neck Road area and discovered that nineteen (19) poles had the ground wires cut and removed. In addition to Spaniard’s Neck, poles were damaged on Land’s End Road, Sparks Mill Road, Hatchett Road and Island Creek Road. The ground wires were cut from the ground to about 8 feet high.

Follow up investigation resulted in an additional nine (9) poles being located on Southeast Creek Road, Lieby Road and Clanahann Shop Road.

The value of the wire was under $1000. No estimate was made reference to the actual repair costs.

Persons with Information about this incident are requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Contact can be made in several ways by calling (410) 758 0770 and asking to speak with a Deputy, calling (410) 758-6666 and leaving a message on the answering machine or emailing