The Numbers Add Up To Shore Accountants

By Sandra Zunino

If you thought your business wasn’t large enough for a Chief Financial Officer, you could be mistaken. With Shore Accountants in Chester, even smaller firms can reap the benefit of an in-house CFO for a fraction of the cost.

Founded by Heather Tinelli in 2002, what started as a part-time endeavor so she could work from home to be near her young daughters grew to a successful business. Offering everything from basic bookkeeping services to business and personal tax preparation, loan packaging and financial management, Shore Accountants does it all.

Both Heather and her husband, Vito Tinelli, III worked as professional accountants with real world experience and industry expertise as CFOs. Combined, their strengths include a strong understanding of non-profit organizations, obtaining and reporting grants, business consulting, developing loan packages and setting up new and existing companies for financial success.

Three years ago, when the client base grew, the couple opened an office together in Centreville. With clients in Anne Arundel County and all over the Eastern Shore, the office relocated to a larger space in November at Red Apple Corner.

“We’re really excited about moving here,” says Heather. “I will miss Centreville, but I grew up on Kent Island, so it’s like coming home.” Both Tinelli’s are Eastern Shore natives.

At Shore Accountants, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Clients can rest assured that their financial information and computer records are meticulously protected with security features.

“If clients don’t trust you, you don’t have anything,” explains Heather. “Their livelihood depends on protecting their information.”

The majority of clients served by Shore Accountants are small to mid-sized businesses. Flexibility at Shore Accountants is key, as the firm can do as much or as little as the client wishes from keeping up with the day-to-day financial work, to quarterly and year-end reports and payroll, setting up retirement plans and negotiating with vendors to arrange payment plans.

Shore Accountants provides temporary CFO services in case the in-house CFO must take a leave of absence. They will also come in and train employees on accounting programs to maximize efficiency and ultimately save the client money.

Relying on the experience of professional accountants is wise for small businesses especially during an uncertain economic climate. “We are able to help small companies manage their cash flow to help them stay in business,” says Heather. “We can give suggestions on how to improve their profits and minimize loss.”

Because entrepreneurs are so busy, they can be victims of unscrupulous actions. Providing oversight, Shore Accountants has helped several companies identify loss from embezzlement. “We know exactly what to look for,” says Heather. “Many times it is someone considered a close friend who the business owner trusted like family.”

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Shore Accountants offers training and support for clients who institute the accounting program. To assist the business community, Shore Accountants conducts seminars on QuickBooks so clients can reap maximum benefits from the program. “We know all the tricks to keep things running smoothly,” says Heather, “from handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, ext.”

This year there are more tax credits available than ever. As tax time approaches, Heather suggests gathering all financial information to ensure taking the maximum amount of deductions.

Shore Accountants is still accepting clients. For more information, visit or call 410-604-0004.