Thefts From Vehicles

“Sheriff R. Gery Hofmann is again asking the citizens to remember to remove valuable items from the vehicles and to lock them especially overnight even if parked in their driveway. Thefts from vehicles are continuing to rise throughout the county.

On November 14th Marc T. Mariano reported that his Verizon VX380 cell phone and knife were stolen from his 2002 Nissan Truck while parked at his residence in the 100 block of Gadd Drive, Centreville. The loss is estimated at $100.

On November 15th, David P. Burns reported that he was missing a Matthews Switchback Bow, 2 dozen arrows and related items, a Viper Tree Stand and hunting apparel from his 2000 Chevrolet 4 door truck parked at 200 Block of Beech Lane, Stevensville. The items are believed to have been stolen between 11/2 to 11/13 and were valued at $750.

Also on 11/15 Katherine Bozarth on 1000 Block of Benton Corner Road, Sudlersville, MD reported that her two vehicles, a 2004 Ford Truck and a 2000 Dodge van had been entered and ransacked. Items missing included an H&R 50 Caliber muzzle loader, an Amplifier, a Sirius Radio and change. The stolen items were valued at $595.

While at the Bozarth residence, a neighbor, Susan Comegys contacted Deputy Davidson and advised her two vehicles, 2000 Dodge Van and a 1996 Dodge truck had also been entered and were missing a $30 pair of sunglasses and change.

At the 100 Block of Friendship Drive, Centreville a 2002 Volvo Station Wagon belonging to Jenn Fredland had had it%u219s window smashed and black cloth bag containing sunglasses and prescription medicine valued at $50.00

Persons with Information about this incident are requested to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Contact can be made in several ways by calling (410) 758 0770 and asking to speak with a Deputy, calling (410) 758-6666 and leaving a message on the answering machine or emailing”