Three Charged In Fight On Washington College Campus

Three Kent County men were charged with trespassing on private property and seven counts of second-degree assault, charges that stem from what one witness portrayed as a brawl at Washington College just before 1 a.m. on Saturday, August 30. Police identified the alleged assailants as: Robert Joseph B.J. Susi, 24, of Massey; William Nicholas Crew, 21, of Chestertown; and, James Franklin Leaverton Jr., 21, of Chestertown. Also, a 16-year-old Worton boy was referred to the Department of Juvenile Services on complaints of assault and trespassing. The fight occurred in Dorchester dormitory, according to district court records and the college newspaper, The Elm.

It is alleged that Susi refused to leave after students asked him to do so several times. While words were being exchanged, one of the suspects threw a punch and a large fight started. The group of non-students rummaged through refrigerators, threatened to damage property, and made vulgar comments to females in one of the dorm rooms. After not leaving once asked, the unknown group began punching, shoving, and slapping those inside the Upper Six suite of Dorchester and moving towards the outside staircase of the building.

Police reported that five male college students were transported to Chester River Hospital Center for treatment of injuries. The Chestertown Police Department, Maryland State Police, and the Kent County Sheriffs Office responded to the incident.