Three Charged With Torturing QA Woman

The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office says three people have been charged with holding a Chestertown woman’s head under water until she told them the location of a missing iPod. The sheriff’s office says 21-year-old Amanda Weaver noticed several things, including a camera and iPod, were missing after 22-year-old Ivy Lockwood stayed at her Queenstown home. She called Lockwood to her home and an argument began. Authorities say 23-year-old Derak Seward of Barclay held a knife to Lockwood’s throat while Weaver and 21-year-old Jewell Bedwell of Denton dragged her across a gravel lot to a drainage ditch. There, authorities say they held Lockwood’s head under water several times until she told them the location of the iPod. Seward, Weaver and Bedwell are charged with attempted murder, assault, conspiracy and other offenses and are being held without bail.