Town Of Centreville Announces Vacancy On The Environmental Advisory Committee

The Town of Centreville is accepting expressions of  interest for a vacant position on the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). The purpose of  the EAC is to advise the Town of Centreville, through the Town Manager, to promote the protection, maintenance and enhancement of all aspects of the natural environment in order to protect and improve the quality of life of those who live and work in the Town of Centreville, both now and in the future. The members are appointed by the Town Manager and the committee meets one evening per month.

The EAC provides advice in the following areas:
• Assisting in the development of policies, programs, and/or code or ordinance changes which could have an impact upon the environmental resources of the Town;
• Reviewing policies, programs, codes/ordinances, and development proposals and making
recommendations on the environmental implications of same;
• Identifying, researching, consulting, and bringing forward recommendations on local and
global issues which may affect the environment;
• Soliciting and facilitating public input on matters of environmental significance to the Town;
• Consulting with and receiving submissions from local environmental and other groups and
making recommendations regarding them;
• Increasing awareness of Town of Centreville environmental policy, programs, and codes,
including issues which have an environmental impact, by means of education campaigns, public meetings, articles in local newspapers and other appropriate means as recommended by the Committee.

Citizens who are interested in applying for consideration should contact Town Hall at: 410-758-1180 or email at: