Town Of Centreville Reduces Speed Limits

The Town of Centreville, in partnership with the Maryland State Highway Administration, has reduced speed limits on certain downtown streets, and made the speed limits generally more consistent on State Route 213 near and within Town limits.

On the approaches to Centreville, speed limits will step-down to 50 miles per hour, and further decrease to 35 mph as vehicles enter residential areas. The current 30 mph speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph on both Liberty and Commerce Streets. This new 25 mph zone will extend from the central business district north to Academy Lane, and south to Weedon (from Liberty) and Little Kidwell (from Commerce.)

“We are pleased to respond to citizen concerns about the rate of travel in these residential areas, and are appreciative of the cooperation of the State Highway Administration in effecting this change,” said Mary L. Roby, Vice President of the Centreville Town Council.

The SHA anticipates new signs reflecting the reduced speed limit will be posted on October 1, 2008