Triumph of Love

Friday, September 25– Sunday, October 11
Church Hill Theatre, Church Hill
Fri. & Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m.


Based on the hilarious French classic by Marivaux, the show had a successful run in New York starring Betty Buckley (Cats), F. Murray Abraham (Academy Award-winning Best Actor as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus) and Susan Egan (Belle in both the movie and Broadway versions of Beauty and the Beast). Princess Leonide of Sparta chances upon a beautiful garden where she sees Agis – a secluded prince – and she falls instantly in love.

Only men are allowed to enter the garden, however, forcing Leonide to shed much of her hair, her ladies clothes and her femininity to become Phocion, a traveling noble, so that she may be close to him. Agis, who was brought up alone by his aunt and uncle – two fierce philosophers – is desperate for a friend. He has sworn to murder, of all people, Princess Leonide, whose family usurped the throne of Sparta from his family years before.

But he doesn’t have the stomach for killing. By succeeding in engaging Agis in friendship, Leonide becomes an unwilling assassin in a murder attempt … on herself. To stay in the garden and be near the man she loves, circumstances force Leonide to further reinvent herself for Agis, his Aunt, his Uncle, and their servants as she attempts to avert disaster and forge a new beginning for the kingdom. Triumph Of Love is witty repartee, sexy comedy, inspired buffoonery and tender, charming poignancy, all while it presents a truly terrific score of fun and memorable songs.