Two QA School Bus Accidents In One Week

A car skidded on wet pavement last week and struck the rear bumper of a school bus on Bloomingdale Road, causing a second bus accident in Queen Anne’s County in less than one week. Twenty-three students were on board bus 0309 when it was hit September 2, according to Jeff Straight, spokesman for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools. The bus is owned by Linda Benton and was driven by her husband Curtis. The students and driver were examined at the scene by emergency medical responders. No one was injured. The students were loaded on another bus and sent on to Kennard and Centreville Elementary Schools and Centreville Middle School.

On September 2, a 12-year-old girl was injured in an accident in Wye Mills. She was treated at the Memorial Hospital at Easton and released, according to officials for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools. A Nissan van collided with a Land Rover and the school bus at U.S. Route 50 and state Route 404. The school bus was carrying 14 students from Centreville Middle School and Kennard and Centreville Elementary Schools. No other injuries were reported.