United Propane Worker Hurt In Queenstown Gas Explosion

A United Propane employee was injured in an explosion that occurred while he was working in the basement of a home at 3029 Bennett Point Road. The man reportedly was working on a propane line in the basement of the two-story waterfront home when the propane gas flashed and ignited, triggering the explosion. Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Steve McCombs, who was in command of emergency first responders at the scene, identified the injured worker as Michael Moore, but was unable to provide any additional information beyond his name and that he is believed to be a volunteer firefighter in the Mid-Shore region. The home’s owners Marvin and Kathy Stursa were in the house while Moore was working in the basement. They were not hurt.

The blast, which was powerful enough to shatter windows and doors, caused other limited damage to the home. According to McCombs, fire and emergency medical units were dispatched to the scene after Queen Anne’s County 911 received a call reporting an explosion of an unknown nature. Queen Anne’s County EMS personnel assessed Moore‘s injuries, which were said to be second-degree and third-degree burns. While not life threatening, the injuries were considered serious enough to warrant using a helicopter to quickly transport Moore to the Bayview Medical Center Burn Unit in Baltimore.

According to Sgt. Barry Garver, section supervisor of the State Police Aviation Command Centreville Barracks, once the helicopter arrived at the scene, the pilot determined the injured man was too tall to fit safely in the helicopter. Helicopters used by the state police allow for a patient up to 6-feet 7-inches tall to be transported, but individuals of that height must bend their legs at the knees to fit. Moore, who reportedly is 6-feet 8-inches tall, was unable to bend his knees because of injuries. He was then transported by ambulance to Anne Arundel Medical Center instead.

Emergency room staff at the hospital confirmed Moore was admitted and listed him in stable condition and noted that he was being discharged from their care and transferred to Bayview Burn Center for further specialized treatment. Hospital staff at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Burn Center confirmed that they were expecting a transfer from Anne Arundel Medical Center of a man who was injured in an explosion.

Fire and rescue crews secured the site and a deputy state fire marshal was beginning his investigation into the cause of the explosion. Grasonville and Queenstown Volunteer Fire Departments and the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Company dispatched units to help with the call.