Vanhoy Appointed to ENA Work Team

Mary Alice Vanhoy, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, NREMT-P, Emergency Services Educator/EMS Coordinator for Shore Health System, has been appointed to an Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) work team responsible for revising the scope and standards of emergency nursing practice.

“I consider this an honor to define the scope of practice for the emergency nursing profession,” says Vanhoy. “Since the standards for our profession were last updated in 1999, the role of emergency nurses has blossomed. For 25 years our primary role was in the hospital emergency department. Today, emergency nurses also provide patient care in freestanding emergency centers, urgent care centers and other pre-hospital settings.”

Vanhoy adds, “Even within hospital emergency departments, which have become a healthcare safety nets for many people, emergency nurses have taken on increased responsibility. We use independent thinking to assess each patient and take steps that expedite care.”

The ENA work team will define the body of knowledge an emergency nurse must have as well as the education, credentials and background experience needed to work in emergency services settings. The group will also set standards for how to interact with patients.