Warning Issued For Snack Crackers; Giant Pulls PB-Related Foods

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta issued a warning to people who might have peanut butter snack crackers around. Scientists say the snack crackers should be thrown out because they could contain salmonella. In Baltimore, three people have become ill from eating snacks made with peanut butter, which brings the total to eight in Maryland since September 8. For a complete listing of recalls, visit FDA website, click on Salmonella, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The salmonella scare has prompted Giant Food to join the nationwide recall of items containing peanut butter. The grocery store chain pulled 18 items from its shelves that contain peanut butter or peanut paste. Giant Food store brands are not affected by the recall. The Food and Drug Administration has traced the salmonella to a peanut butter plant in Georgia owned by Peanut Corporation of America. Nationwide, the outbreak has claimed the lives of six people and sickened hundreds more.