Winter Environmental Education Specials Offered at CBEC

The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center in Grasonville is a private, non-profit organization with a mission to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay through restoration, conservation and educational efforts. The 510 acre wetland preserve is known to some residents as a great place to take the family for a hike or picnic along the wetland but many of our visitors come as students. CBEC is a field trip destination for thousands of students in all age categories, including adults, from the surrounding counties to support their studies in Bay Ecology, Forestry, and Biology. CBEC offers the students a “hands-on, feet-wet” approach to learning about the environment. The Spring and Fall are popular times of the year for visitation and often teachers and group leaders have to book their trip far in advance to get a reservation for their class. Winter time often gets overlooked as a time to go outside to learn when in fact it is a wondrous time to explore the outdoors. CBEC is offering a Winter Environmental Education Special, discounted education programs, during the months of January-March. Groups of students of all ages and from any civic organization can take advantage of this special offer to sign up for one of our many exciting programs at a discounted rate; Fantastic Feathers-Discover the unique life style of Raptors and hunt for Birds of Prey in our locale, The Remarkable Oyster-Learn about the amazing filtering ability of this important mollusk and its effect on Chesapeake Bay water quality, Where in the Wetland Am I?-Use GPS technology to navigate your way through the wetlands to solve nature riddles and find hidden treasures all while honing your geography skills, The Green Solution- Learn about the latest “eco-friendly” technologies and products available for home and business owners that can be integrated into existing and new construction buildings , Skin and Bones-Find out about the adaptations and natural history of our furry, slimy, and scaly friends of the Maryland watershed. Can’t make the trip to CBEC, many of our programs can be brought to your classroom or workplace! For more details about programs offered including pricing and bookings contact the Education Manager, Suzanne Ghrist by calling 410-827-6694 Ext. 205 or email at