Woolger International Lecture and Workshop Offer Continuing Education Credit Hours

Participants in the upcoming lecture and workshop by acclaimed international author, lecturer and trainer,Roger J. Woolger, PhD, of Woolger International, will upon request receive continuing education credit hours (CEU’s). The lecture, “The Holy Grail and the Wasteland: A Myth for Our Time”, held on August 7 at 8:15 p.m. at Londonderry Retirement Community Center of Easton, will present a psychological explanation of the need for balance between the masculine and feminine in each individual person, as well as in society collectively. Two CEU credit hours will be available. A gala champagne and dessert reception will be held at 7:15 p.m. preceding the lecture. The historic Londonderry Manor House, the site of the reception, may be toured by attendees.

Participants in Woolger’s two-day workshop, “Voices of the Ancestors,” for therapists and healing professionals, on August 8 – 9, will earn 12 CEU credit hours. The workshop will incorporate Woolger’s regression therapy in dealing with ancestral memories.

The cost for the August 7 Institute Lecture/Gala is $50 per person. The cost for the two-day workshop on August 8- 9 is $180 per person. For further information about both events or to register, contact Joan Green at 410-822-1642 or at daystar@goeaston.net.