World Crabcake Record Set

Guinness World Records has officially verified and approved the world’s largest crab cake, which was presented at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino during the inaugural Diamond State BBQ Championship. The record is listed as Largest Fishcake, a category that now includes the blue crustacean native to Eastern Shore waters and known as the Maryland blue crab. The colossal record-breaking crab cake weighed in at 106.59kg or 235 lbs. 
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino teamed with Handy International, Inc., a 100-year-old seafood processor on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to set the Guinness World Record. Dover Downs Chef Fred Bohn, director of Culinary Operations, and George Fiorile, vice president of Hotel Operations, challenged Handy’s regional sales manager, Jim Cupp, to create the world’s largest crab cake at the Diamond State BBQ Championship.  
Handy mixed its secret crab cake recipe at their HACCP-approved plant in Salisbury and then transported it to Dover Downs Hotel & Casino by refrigerated truck. The ingredients were shaped to fit a special rotisserie-style baking pan designed by Tri-State Engineering of Salisbury. The enormous crab cake measured three feet in diameter and six and one-half inches in depth. It took six hours to cook the crab cake consisting of 60% back fin crab and mayonnaise, bread crumbs, eggs, onions, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, hot sauces and secret spices. 
The cooking vessel was weighed before the crab was placed inside and then again after the crab was fully cooked to certify its true weight in accordance with Guinness regulations. A representative of the Department of Health certified that the crab cake was an edible food to comply with Guinness regulations and to ensure its fitness for consumption. Approximately 600 crab sandwiches were served from the big cake at the Diamond State BBQ Championship. A portion of the proceeds were donated to United Way of Delaware. 
The entire process was recorded on film for verification and then submitted for approval and certification by Guinness World Records in London. The former Worlds Largest Fishcake record was set in 2003 with a 25kg (55 lbs.) cake made of 40% cod, seasoned potatoes, breadcrumbs and batter.