YMCA Employee Honored for 25 Years of Service

“Twenty-five years ago, members of the YMCA of Talbot County did not have computerized membership cards. As a member using the facility, you simply showed your card and smiled as you walked by the front desk to your destination. Since 1984, the YMCA of Talbot County has seen many changes, and Pat Travers, YMCA Program Support Services Director, has been there through them all. This month, Travers, the YMCA employee with the most years of service, is celebrating her 25th anniversary with the organization.

Travers reflects, “I have seen a lot of changes over the years. We have grown from 4,000 members in 1984 when I arrived to nearly 12,000 members today. Even though we have grown considerably, I have been able to make friends with the members over the years. I have watched kids grow up here, go to college, get married, and bring their children back here as members.”

Ken Barton of Easton, who served as executive director from 1959 to1985 and who hired Pat with associate director Bob Shelton to work at the front desk of the YMCA, comments, “Pat is a great, friendly person who has been a wonderful asset for our membership. In addition she has been a bridge for all the directors who came after me.” He adds, “Everyone knows Pat and loves her.”

Travers moved to Easton with her husband Donald in1983 from Bluefield, West Virginia. She was hired by the YMCA in 1984 to work at the front desk answering phones and recording memberships. After six months, she began managing the YMCA’s membership program. Over her 25 years, she has worked with four executive directors and seen two major renovations.

Bob Shelton of Goodyear, Arizona, YMCA executive director from 1985 to 1999, states, “In the late 80s, Pat and I worked closely together in computerizing the YMCA, blazing new ground for YMCAs at that time. She grew and developed in her position and became a fount of all wisdom for the organization. She has truly been a blessing to the YMCA, its membership, and the community.”

Over the years, Travers responsibilities have grown as the YMCA’s membership and program offerings expanded. She has moved from recording memberships to recording program registrations, making the bank draft for memberships and preparing membership and program invoices. She comments, “We have been an innovative organization, growing our program offerings in unique ways. In addition, we have developed a great team of employees here.”

Robbie Gill, YMCA chief executive officer, comments, “”I often call Pat the Oracle! She is an ‘all knowing’ well of knowledge! Pat has been a wonderful resource and dedicated servant leader to this YMCA for a quarter of a century. The YMCA is thankful for her dedicated services to our 11,000+ members.””

When reflecting on what has made the YMCA such a special place to her, Travers, states, “I am most proud of our Strong Kids Campaign and Annual Support Program, which provide financial assistance to those in need who want to join the YMCA.” She adds, “There is wonderful fellowship here among all ages. We have created a program that gives everyone in our community a chance to improve their lives – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Travers lives in Preston with her husband Donald and has two sons, Jonathan (31) and Joshua (28).”