Youth Coalition Students attend Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Convention

Two members of the Talbot County Youth Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention recently attended a Youth-to-Youth Conference at Bryant University in Springfield, Rhode Island. Sawyer Spurry of Easton, Linda Seymour of St. Michael’s, along with Talbot Partnership DirectorGary Pearce, attended the four-day conference.

The conference was one of three national conferences held around the country and was attended by nearly 350 attendees from the United States and overseas. Youth to Youth conferences are designed to provide training, information and skills on making good choices, living an alcohol and substance free youth, as well as ways for youth to strengthen their communities through action planning sessions.

Spurry commented, “The Youth to Youth staff created amazing, high energy presentations that gave our group new ideas that we can use at home.” Seymour added, “You are surrounded by people of all ages and backgrounds wanting to be stronger in making healthy choices. We see the problems in Talbot County with alcohol and other drugs and want to bring some of these ideas back to the community. The conference experience was great and we hope to go back next year as youth staff.” Gary Pearce added that he hopes to be able to take a larger group to the conference next year.

The Youth Coalition for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention is sponsored by Talbot Partnership. Youth interested in participating in the Youth Coalition, should contact Gary Pearce at 410-819-8067. The next Youth Coalition meeting is scheduled for October 8 at 6:00 pm at the Talbot Partnership offices ((8 Goldsborough St. Suite 203 – 2nd floor of the Bank of America Building). Pizza will be served.