Youth Coalition Takes Active Interest in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problem

Talbot Partnership has recently initiated a leadership program for youth 13-18 years old. The Youth Coalition for Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention began meeting last spring and is now actively working on projects that promote healthy lifestyles and events that show that teens can have a good time without using drugs and alcohol.

The intention of the program is to get our youth involved in the problem that Talbot County has a growing substance abuse and addictions problem and assist in finding solutions. The group has been led by a number of high School students, principally seniors from Easton High School and St. Michaels High School. However as Connor Brown, one of the student leaders recently explained, “We need to get younger kids involved as we will soon be graduating and we need the younger kids to step up and take our place.”

The Youth Coalition recently hosted a pool party, which was attended by over 70 youth.
The Youth Coalition has responsibility for planning their own prevention initiatives and activities. These activities include:
– Developing a community–wide social norms campaign
– Concerts, comedy night, battle of the bands, etc.
– A recent appearance on Channel 15
– An upcoming Teen Summit
Sawyer Spurry, also a St. Michael’s senior, advised “We believe that there are more kids out there who share our concerns and are interested in doing things that don’t have to involve alcohol and drugs. We are trying to show that they are not alone and are welcome.”

Any youth ages 13-18 years of age can join the Youth Coalition by contacting Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067,, or checking the Coalition’s Face Book page at Talbot County Youth Coalition.