A Battle on the Bay for Stars of Tomorrow

Sandra Zunino

On June 26 and 27, there will be a battle at Kent Island High School, taking women’s lacrosse to a completely new level for Queen Anne’s County. The Title IX Stars of Tomorrow Battle on the Bay is a women’s recruiting lacrosse tournament for girls’ high school and middle school select lacrosse teams.

Founded by Dorotheann Sadusky and Debra Lake, Title IX Stars of Tomorrow not only provides an opportunity for area women lacrosse athletes to showcase their abilities, it will give back to the community through tourism dollars and improvement to the KIHS playing field.

Long time QAC residents, Dorothy and Debra were introduced to lacrosse when their sons played in high school. Dorothy’s daughter also played lacrosse. Years ago, there was a successful women’s lacrosse tournament on Kent Island, according to Dorothy, but when the county and the operator parted ways, it left a void. “It’s an awesome sport and I like how it equals the ground for women players,” says Dorothy. “This area is a hotbed for lacrosse and everyone looks to Maryland for lacrosse players.”

Both women have been active in non-profit organizations from Little League to church groups over the years and were inspired to utilize their experience and connections to bring a women’s lacrosse tournament back to this county. “We’ve got great fields and it’s a perfect tourism type of activity,” says Dorothy, “so we approached various businesses to see if they would support us if we could get it off the ground.”

With an overwhelming favorable response, they approached the QAC Board of Education and the Department of Parks & Recreation receiving support from both organizations. Furthermore, Title IX received endorsement from US Lacrosse, Delmarva Chapter.

It’s been a lot of work because they had to reeducate people to come back to QAC for lacrosse, but Dorothy says the results will benefit the local economy. “One of the advantages is, the families come for the weekend and sometimes stay for more than a weekend,” she explains, “so it benefits the hotels, restaurants, gas stations, snack shops, you name it.”

Debra and Dorothy are currently applying for non-profit status for Title IX. After tournament expenses, the proceeds for Battle on the Bay will provide new turf for the KIHS stadium grounds.

Putting down self-sustaining turf grasses and installing irrigation systems will create a field that can hold up to many more sports activities. The type of grass now used, while acceptable for high school stadiums, can be prone to mud. Additionally, college recruiters ask for full-size fields opposed to shorter fields so they can better view the athlete’s performance. “We want to get these kids out and shown to college coaches,” says Dorothy.

“Our intent is to give back the surplus funds to the community through turfing the stadium and showcasing women athletes,” says Dorothy. “We believe that, in essence, we are helping this county overall and with the growth of this tournament who knows what we could do.”

Title IX is now looking for more sponsors with many ways of sponsorship. Each sponsor will have a banner advertising their business at the tournament as well as receive free stadium admission. Sponsor can also support individual teams.

For more information on the Battle on the Bay, become a sponsor, vendor or register a team, visit www.titleixstarsoftomorrow.com.