A Business Legacy

By Avra Sullivan

As child number 12 of 14, Mike Holson understands the importance of hard work and family values. Growing up in Camp Springs, MD near Andrews Air Force Base, he attributes much of his work ethic to his father James Holson and his mom Patsy.

In 1985 after graduating high school, Mike began working for his father’s commercial sheet metal roofing company in Washington, D.C. “During many years of hard work learning a very rewarding trade, my father taught me a lot about the business. Two of his phrases that have always stuck in my head are ‘Do the job right or don’t do it at all’ and ‘treat people’s homes as if they were your own’.” This advice wash handed down from father to son and now is the business model Mike uses in his own company, MYCO Construction Services, LLC.

In 2004, Mike moved to the Eastern Shore and married Amy, with whom he has three children, and opened MYCO Construction. Mike says the best part about his business is “being his own boss.” He takes his job very seriously and treats his clients with the respect, honesty and integrity instilled in him long ago. When clients meet with Mike, they can expect to walk away with the confidence that they are working with someone who has both knowledge of his profession and dedication to his company. Being an “all around nice guy” doesn’t hurt either.

MYCO offers commercial and residential property maintenance, restoration and repairs as well as insurance repairs. They also can provide additions or renovations, and no job is too big or too small. MYCO offers free estimates, which can be completed via an online form found on their website, or you can call them directly to discuss your project.

Mike, his wife Amy and his children live in Grasonville. Off the job, he enjoys boating and golf. You can learn more about MYCO and their full list of services on their website at www.mycogroup.com or you can give them a call at 410-827-7747. You also can like them on Facebook.