A Different New Years Resolution: Finding Edwin a Home

The Greaney Family is already working on their 2012 New Years Resolution – to find a forever home for Edwin. Edwin is an 11-year old boy from Bogota, Colombia who is spending three weeks in Easton with the Greaneys as part of Kidsave International’s Winter Miracles Program.

Kidsave International is a global organization that advocates for and supports the adoption of older children in orphanages and foster care. Host families like the Greaneys welcome a Kidsave child into their home and then use their networks, circles of influence, and the local media to introduce children like Edwin to a family that will adopt them.

“We’re essentially Edwin’s PR agents,” explains Betsy Greaney.“Our job is to tell his story and introduce him to as many people as we can in the short time he is here in the hopes that someone will be inspired to welcome him into their family permanently.”

Edwin was initially placed in Colombian foster care with his brother and sister and now in 2008. He lives in an orphanage with a social worker and 25 other children approximately the same age. After their first visit to the United States with Kidsave in Houston, the organization was unable to find a home for all three children and throughout the course of the past year Edwin’s brother and sister have been adopted separately, leaving Edwin still looking for a forever home.

Edwin arrived in Easton on December 23rd, one week later than expected, so the Greaneys are working double-time on Edwin’s PR campaign. After a hectic Christmas Eve and Christmas schedule, Edwin is fitting right in with the Greaneys’ three sons and days have been filled with neighborhood games of soccer, basketball, and pizza.

“What a brave, selfless child,” Greaney remarks. “Each day we see more and more of Edwin’s spirit and personality from singing in the house, pitching in with chores, and even mischievous practical jokes. He is an absolute joy.”

Edwin continues his busy schedule after the holidays and will be participating in the Talbot County Youth Basketball League, trying his hand at ice hockey, and spending a day at Easton Elementary School and the Country School. Generous community members have also donated medical and dental check-ups, and a professional photography session. Many others have offered their assistance in getting the word out about Edwin by posting flyers and sharing Edwin’s story by word of mouth and through their own social networks.

“With less than two weeks to find Edwin a forever home, the clock is ticking,” explains Greaney. “We hope that anyone who hears about Edwin will share his story with their friends and family so that as many people possible can learn about this wonderful boy and consider making him part of their family. Every child needs someone to make them eat their vegetables, brush their teeth and tuck them in at night – Edwin is no exception.”

To learn more about what Edwin is up to while in Easton, how to meet him or get more information about adoption, visit www.easternshorekidsave.wordpress.com, or contact Betsy Greaney at betsygreaney@gmail.com.