A Memorable Farewell for Gunston’s Class of 2014

CG-and-Kim-SchlosserJL-and-Alex-Kukorowski Speaker-Jacquet-and-JL

A Memorable Farewell for Gunston’s Class of 2014

The Gunston School’s 32-acre waterfront campus was filled with sunshine and smiling faces on June 6-7, as 37 graduating seniors were honored at the Green & White Awards Ceremony on Friday and Commencement on Saturday. Opening the Green & White Awards Ceremony was Student Government President Kimberly Schlosser. Headmaster John Lewis then addressed the Class of 2014 and praised them for their accomplishments, adding what a privilege it had been to lead such an extraordinary group of young men and women. He wished them all the best in their future endeavors.

Valedictorian Alexandra Kukorowski also had insightful words to impart on her classmates in her address as she recounted her journey through her high school years. “From the start, Gunston challenged us to expand our minds and knowledge. Our teachers gave us the resources and help we needed to thrive. Our coaches challenged us to be better athletes and people on and off the field or river. The clubs we joined pushed us to accept greater responsibilities. Our friends and family gave us the support we needed to achieve greatness. At Gunston, each member of the class of 2014 has achieved immense success, and I do not doubt that, that success will continue long after we receive our diplomas tomorrow. I am not only excited for the adventures and opportunities which lie ahead for me, but equally if not more excited to hear about the great places that life leads my fellow classmates.”

Several faculty members participated in the presentation of awards, which recognized the following students:

  • Samuel A. Middleton Award (Valedictorian): Alexandra Kukorowski
  • The Gunston Award: Kimberly Schlosser
  • Faculty Award: Nathan Simmons
  • Leadership Award: Meghan Moorhouse
  • Moore Award for Improvement: Jason Hong
  • Environmental Stewardship Award: Nathan Simmons, Lexi Welch
  • Marguerite Thomas Award (Community Service): Nathan Simmons
  • Paul M. Long Award: Annabelle Fichtner
  • Clare Poussard Award: Trystan McCarthy
  • Megan V. Batdorf Award: Elizabeth Clemens
  • Athletics Award: Jules Shipps, Owen Miller, Avery Zuber
  • Studio Art Award: Georgia Reynolds
  • Photography Award: Conner Sebreny
  • Music Award: Meghan Moorhouse
  • Theatre Award: Tia Johnston
  • Science Award: Alexandra Kukorowski, Tabitha Lin
  • Mathematics Award: Elaine Wu
  • Capt. John P. W. Vest Award (History): Alexandra Kukorowski
  • Sandra Slacum Spears Award (English): Lexi Welch
  • Hila C. Ferguson Award (Literature): Mary McLean
  • Junior Symposium Award: Madi Shenk , Andy Camp
  • Senior Paradigm Project Award: Melanie Basham
  • Marie W. Whittico Award (Latin): Annabelle Fichtner
  • Spanish Award: Alexandra Kukorowski, Valerie Inglesby
  • Rensselaer Medal: Andy Camp
  • Washington College Book Award: Annabelle Fichtner

Student Government Leaders for 2013-2014:

Sophomore (Class of 2017):

  • Representatives: Lauren Covell and Jamie Caron
  • Treasurer: George Bowie
  • Secretary: Olivia Sherman
  • Vice President: Alice Agee
  • President: Nikki Blades

Junior (Class of 2016):

  • Representatives: Robert Samson-Krebs and Aggie Raymond
  • Treasurer: Hanna Gonzalez
  • Secretary: Alea Murray
  • Vice President: Emily Jackson
  • President: David Rogers

Senior (Class of 2015):

  • Representatives: Savannah Gervais and Clare Ingersoll
  • Treasurer: Hailey Wallace
  • Secretary: Mackenzie Moorhouse
  • Vice President: Andrew Short
  • President: Lizzy Clemens

SGA Executive Officers:

  • Secretary: Natalie Prochaska
  • Vice President: Abigail Barcus
  • President: Annabelle Fichtner

The final award, the coveted Green & White Cup for the 2013-2014 school year, was presented to the Green Team! Twice each year, Gunston declares a “green & white field day” as students, faculty and staff divide into two teams and compete in activities that range from canoe races, tennis matches, a pie eating contest and sack races, to math competitions, creative writing challenges, ultimate Frisbee, photography and more.

On Saturday, a touching commencement ceremony was held on the Headmaster’s house lawn. Bagpiper Robert Wallace led the processional, as the girls in white formal dresses carrying flower bouquets and boys in blue blazers and khakis processed slowly into the ceremony. Class president Alexandra Kukorowski opened with a warm greeting, followed by the Class of 2014 each presenting a favorite quote, a long-time tradition at the school.

This year’s commencement speaker was Adam Jacquet. Adam graduated from The Gunston School in 2009. He attended Union College for one year before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as a Field Radio Operator for three years, four months, and sixteen days. He is currently enrolled as a sophomore in Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.

The theme of his address to students—Work hard and look towards your friends and family for strength. To the audience, Mr. Jacquet encouraged them to stand by their graduate, “So, talk to them. Again, be there for them, because their world might be about to flip over; and whenever that happens, it’s nice to have someone else who’s still right-side-up standing next to you.”


1. SGA President Kimberly Schlosser accepts an award from Assistant Head of School Christie Grabis.

2. Headmaster John Lewis and Valedictorian Alexandra Kukorowski

3. Commencement Speaker Alum, Adam Jacquet and Headmaster John Lewis