A Mind for Law

By Avra Sullivan

Since middle school, John Mark McDonald knew he wanted to be lawyer. He was interested in the field and at 16 was invited to be an intern at the firm of a family friend. He’s been practicing law ever since.

Upon graduating law school, he served as the Assistant State’s Attorney in both Kent and Talbot counties and then as the Deputy States Attorney for Queen Anne’s County. After over 15 years as a prosecutor, Mr. McDonald has moved to the other side, opening his own firm in September of 2011. Whereas to some this may seem a dramatic switch, going from prosecuting to defending, Mr. McDonald says his years in the State’s Attorney office has benefited him in being able to help those who may need a litigation lawyer. “You have to know the law from both sides.”

While he’s dealt with many jury trials from misdemeanors to homicides, don’t compare him to TV lawyers too quickly! “Our lives are not really that exciting!” he says. The smaller local firms tend to be more laid back and being in a close-knot community gives him a better opportunity for a one on one relationship with clients.

Currently located at 114 C West Water Street in Centreville, he is in the process of re-locating to a larger facility (in the same area) which will provide a bigger space and possibility of bringing additional people into the firm over time.

Speaking with a lawyer can sometimes be a bit intimidating but Mr. McDonald’s welcoming and approachable personality put me at ease. While I am glad I currently don’t need a lawyer, I have to say I will keep his card in my back pocket…just in case!

He offers free consultations and can be reached at 410-758-2296 or on the web at www.johnmarkmcdonald.com. His firm can assist with criminal cases, DUI and other traffic issues and personal injury.