Admiral Cleaners Expands Pick-up and Delivery Service

Annapolis-based Admiral Cleaners, one of Maryland’s oldest and largest dry cleaners, announced today the expansion of its free pick-up and delivery service to the Easton zip code (21601).

“As a family owned business, we understand that time is precious these days. That’s why Admiral has taken service and convenience to the next level…our route service not only saves time, it saves money on gas,” said Whitney Kerridge, chairman, who is the third generation to operate Admiral Cleaners, along with her husband, Scott Kerridge, president of the company.  “We’ve always believed in taking care of our customers and providing outstanding service. That’s how we’ve grown.”

Admiral is a full service operation providing traditional dry cleaning as well as wet cleaning, laundry and alteration services.  The company currently has 24 locations in Maryland including 11 on the Eastern Shore with two in Easton. Admiral also operates seven pick-up and delivery routes in the state.

Noted for the quality of its cleaning, the company specializes in cleaning delicate and fine fabrics. “People look and feel their best in professionally cleaned clothes,” Ms. Kerridge notes. “Plus, clothing that has been properly cared for lasts longer.”

The new expanded service is available to both homes and businesses located in the Easton zip code.  There is no charge for the service and the cost of dry cleaning is exactly the same as it is in Admiral’s stores.

In addition, customers do not need to be at home or in the office to take advantage of the service.  Rather, Admiral and the customer agree upon a designated area, such as a front porch, back porch or garage, where the clothing will be picked up and delivered.  The customer simply leaves the cleaning in a laundry bag provided by Admiral that includes an ID tag with any specific cleaning instructions.  After the first order, Admiral will come Monday and Thursday of each week to the customer’s home or business unless they are told not to.

Customers have the option of receiving a monthly bill from Admiral for their cleaning or charging it to a credit card.  A Frequent Cleaner Club saves customers $5 every time they spend $60.

Admiral traces it history to Silver Spring, Md., where it was founded in 1932 as a route operation, which was customary for those times. However, with the advent of strip malls, the company began offering its services from retail locations.  Admiral returned to the route business in the latter part of the 1990’s, literally coming full circle.

For more information about the new Pick-up and Delivery Service, call 800-864-4429 or visit