All Because of Agatha…

Come out for a bewitching evening of comedy as Easton High School’s Drama Club presents Jonathan Troy’s comedy, “All Because of Agatha”.  Under the direction of Richard A, Vitanovec, Easton High School students bring this comedy to life at the Historical Society Auditorium May 27th, 28th, and 29th.

The enchanting tale begins with Duff O’Hara (Jacob Mueller) and his wife, Joan (Molly Wilson), who are interested in buying an old house in historic Salem, Massachusetts. They soon learn that a woman named Agatha Forbes (Katie Reed), who was accused and burned for being a witch, haunts the house once a year. The news of the witch makes Duff unsure, but Joan is delighted, as she has an absolute passion for anything supernatural. To help around the house, they decide to hire a sassy housekeeper, Ethel Hinkston (Sarah Kilmon). Their next-door neighbor, Dr. Randolph (Joey Bridges), becomes the love interest of Joan’s Aunt Thelma Breckenridge (Madison Fox) who shows up unexpectedly from California. On the night that Agatha is expected to arrive, Joan decides to throw a party for the witch. She invites a cocky newspaper reporter, Flip Cannon (Ian Young) and Dr. Randolph’s mother, Madame La Solda (Jackie Harrison), who just so happens to be an eccentric medium. When Agatha Forbes arrives to scare the unwelcomed O’Haras and their guests out of the house, she gets furious when they won’t leave and decides to take matters into her own hands. This ends up in a hysterical mix up between the O’Haras and their guests. Julianne Mason and Sarah Wallace round out the cast as the Salem real estate agent and the president of the local psychics association.

Show dates are: Friday, May 27th at 7:00, a “Dinner and a Show” performance on Saturday, May 28th (dinner starting at 6:00 and the show at 7:00), and an evening performance on Sunday, May 29th at 7:00.

Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults. Dinner tickets are $12 for students and $15 for adults (menu includes baked chicken, salad, vegetable, potato, and dessert). Catering is provided by Old Mill Deli. Advance dinner tickets are preferred. Tickets are also available for the Saturday night show without the dinner.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Old Mill Deli, Easton High School, Crackerjacks or by calling Marci Leach at 410-829-9811.