Amy Schisler releases next book Whispering Vines

Untitled1 UntitledaAmy Schisler releases next book Whispering Vines

Talbot County Resident, Amy Schisler, announces that her next book, Whispering Vines, will be released on June 15. Ms. Schisler resides in Bozman, Maryland and is the author of several books. Her previous book, Picture Me, received the 2016 Illumination Book Award that recognized the best Christian themed books published both in the traditional book form as well as the growing ebook industry. Medals were awarded in 23 categories including fiction. Her novel was one of the 77 books chosen and received the Bronze Award for ebook fiction.

Her new release, Whispering Vines, begins in Baltimore where Alex O’Donnell learns she has inherited a vineyard in the beautiful Valpolicella region of Italy. Ready to begin a new phase in her life, Alex travels to Italy, and her whole life begins anew. Learning to appreciate the running of a vineyard, the intricacies of growing the perfect grape for the perfect wine, and enjoying the wonderful food, only adds to her growing interest in Italian culture. Her new “family” also has to adapt to this “Americano” as their lives change with Alex’s arrival at the vineyard. Of course, what romance novel could be complete without a hero, and Alex finds one in the co-owner of the vineyard, Nicolas.

Whispering Vines will transport the reader from present day to World War II through the finding of a long lost journal of the original vineyard owner. While learning about the lives of the owners, prior to and during the War, Alex uncovers a secret hidden for over 75 years. Together, she and Nicolas find, not only a secret shared by his grandparents, but love among the vines.

Author, Schisler, also delights the reader’s senses while reading the novel, described by one reviewer as “a verbal masterpiece of art.” One will not only learn the art of drinking wine, but also the meals mentioned in Whispering Vines, for which some recipes are included. Whispering Vines may be pre-ordered now on Amazon.

A reception to introduce Whispering Vines to the public will take place on Tuesday evening, June 14, at Scossa in Easton. The public is invited to come and meet Schisler from 6:00-8:00pm. Books will be available for sale and signed. Whispering Vines is published by Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing and is available in local book stores. It may be pre-ordered through Amazon and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

Schisler began writing as a child and spent fifteen years pursuing a career as a librarian in Calvert, Talbot, and Queen Anne’s Counties. Her first novel, A Place to Call Home, was published in 2014 by Sarah Book Publishing and is now available in ebook form as well as paperback. Her weekly blog at currently has over 1,200 subscribers, and topics vary from current events to her home life with her husband, Ken, and their three daughters, Rebecca, Katie, and Morgan. Schisler delights in speaking to groups, and may be contacted through her website: