An Evening of Storytelling Todd Performing Arts Center – Chesapeake College April 10th 7-9 pm

3524ab8f-ebc4-4875-8c26-87ad994af950An Evening of Storytelling Todd Performing Arts Center – Chesapeake College April 10th  7-9 pm 

Join us for an evening of storytelling at the Todd Performing Arts Center on the campus of Chesapeake College.  We are pleased to partner with Chesapeake College to bring the power of storytelling to the Eastern Shore. We welcome nationally acclaimed storytellers Tim Lowry and Geraldine Buckley for this sneak peak preview.   This event will be the first step in making a larger festival a reality in 2016.  You won’t want to miss it!  

A simple story breathes life into information people want to share with each other.  There is no substitute for the power, simplicity, and basic truth of the well-told story.   We are all storytellers – we live our lives through a network of stories.  People, crave, remember, and honor stories.  Storytelling is for everyone regardless of age, demographic, or background; it brings us together.  Whether they are tall tales or true tales, ancient or modern, stories have a way of bonding listeners together as they become fellow travelers on a magic carpet ride to the land of long ago and far away. Join us for an evening of mesmerizing stories and get swept away!  Proceeds benefit the 2016 Inaugural Chesapeake Storytelling Festival.

To purchase tickets, visit  or call 410-827-5867.  Tickets are $45 presale and include intermission refreshments and a cash bar.

Sponsored by Chesapeake College, QAC Free Library, Friends of the Library, and QAC Department of Tourism.