imagesThe #1 reason millions of dogs are in shelters is because of behavior problems. Often these dogs just lack the basic skills they need to live with people.

Animal Resource Foundation, Inc. is looking for volunteers 16 years and older interested in helping with ARF’s “Homeless Dog Training Program”.

ARF’s volunteers and staff already provide socialization, mental stimulation and enrichment for the dogs and cats at the center. This program is designed to “take it up a notch”. It will help teach our dogs the basic social skills they need to go to a new home and, most importantly to stay in that new home. Using positive reinforcement with a marker signal technique will not only teach these basic skills in a fast and pet friendly manner, it can quickly improve the way animals respond to people and help our shy dogs blossom. It’s fun and easy to learn for animals and people both!

Not only will the dogs benefit from this new training program but we hope our volunteers will benefit too. This will be an educational opportunity for you. You will learn about “clicker training” (a positive reinforcement method) perfect for your dogs at home. You can help reduce your stress level; research shows that being around and petting an animal reduces stress. You can keep fit by walking a dog. And most importantly,you can experience the joy and satisfaction of making a difference in a shelter dog’s life.

If you are interested in being a part of this new training program please come to our Orientation Meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the ARF Adoption Center located at 51 Piney Narrows Road at the old Kent Narrow Outlets. For more information please call (410) 643-8700.