Are Looking for an Opportunity to Make a Difference In Your Community?

The CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership in Queen Anne’s County offers that opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life and their impact on the community. Project SAVVY Community Mentoring Program is designed to connect caring mentors with at-risk youth in grades in middle and high school as well as the alternative school in Queen Anne’s County. Each mentor makes a weekly commitment to spend at least an hour of interaction with their mentee and ultimately meet them both in and out of school.

Mentoring activities could include things such as discussing current events, taking a nature walk, helping with organizational skills, playing sports or board games, cooking, or reading books about a shared interest. The goal is to build a dependable, supportive, and positive relationship with the mentee guiding their character development.

It is hoped that these valuable mentoring moments will increase the academic performance and self-esteem of these young students. With this increase in confidence, it is expected that their lifetime goals and ambitions will increase as well.

This year the CommUNITY Mentoring Partnership is looking to engage our youth not only in individual matches but also in dynamic group mentoring at Anchor Points Academy (the alternative school) and in the two high schools (Kent Island HS and Queen Anne’s County HS). At the two high schools, group mentors would be assisting the STEM coordinators in supporting youth in being prepared for college and be career-ready as well as character development which is part of becoming a successful citizen in our global community. At the alternative school, group mentors would be working with youth in character development and positive decisions.

Training and ongoing support are available both at the school and through the mentor coordinator.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the mentor coordinator, Jacki Carter, at 410-758-6677 or Our youth need you. Are you ready?